“As someone who has worked with Jeff for more than ten years, I feel exceptionally qualified to give him my highest recommendation—and do so without any reservations. As a Creative Director, I relied heavily on his copyediting acumen and his detailed proofreading prowess. In fact, everyone did. He was very popular and very much in demand.

“In addition to having excellent editing/proofreading skills, Jeff has been a great team player. He practiced good communication with every department—Account, Creative, Print Production and the Studio. He would always eagerly participate with the other members of the team, sharing his ideas and expertise. He was always ready to jump in anywhere we needed help.” —Allen McMullen, Creative Director

“Jeff is hands-down the best proofreader I’ve ever worked with. He possesses a razor-sharp eye for detail, great communication skills and an incredible work ethic. I had the pleasure of working with Jeff every day for over four years, and I would jump at the chance to have him on my team again. Highly, highly recommended.” —Christopher Weakley, Creative Director

“I strongly recommend Jeff Braucher…. He always provided exceptional edits, improved grammar, and accomplished our work on time and within budget…. Jeff is a highly energetic, competent, and professional editor who can always be counted on when challenges arise…. I would gladly work with him on any endeavor in the future.” —Ross Bryant, Director of the UNLV Military & Veteran Services Center

“It’s amazing what a difference your editing makes to a text. It’s like you polish it up and make it shine. Thank you. I see a great improvement.” —Rebekah Henty

“The job was a huge undertaking with a tight time frame, but Jeff not only took on the challenge, he exceeded the client’s expectations. The client shared that although several people had already proofed the document, Jeff found over 200 items requiring correction. The client also acknowledged that because of the short amount of time available to complete the proofreading, he felt Jeff did an extraordinary job.” —Franni Ferrero, Very Virtual

“I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Braucher, the Santa Fe Word Doctor, on a marketing card for my organization, BlueLink IT Solutions. He is very professional and an expert at his craft. The work was turned around timely, and affordably as well. He suggested an excellent addition that made the offer more enticing at a glance. I would absolutely recommend Jeff for any editing needs.” —Dharam Khalsa, President, BlueLink IT Solutions

“I first hired Jeff to proofread one of the most important documents you will ever use, a resume. I collaborated with a professional resume writer and still Jeff found and made significant improvements. Now we have hired him for newsletters, websites and other important communications. He provides more than an ‘eagle eye,’ he can see and appraise for the bigger picture.” —Stephanie West, Go West Design

“I reached out to Jeff for help with my studio magazine. English is my second language and I always struggle with communication with my clients in the written word. Jeff not only proofread the whole thing in a timely manner and gave me an accurate cost estimate, but he also managed to reflect my personality through the proper written word. I am forever grateful and I will be back for his services for sure.” —Paulina Gwaltney, Paulina Gwaltney Photography